Saturday, January 30, 2016

Betty Crocker Cookbook #23: Chocolate Cake (pg. 101) and #24: Fudge Frosting (pg. 115) - 160124/25

Last Sunday was a remarkably productive day for this project, partly because this cake counts for two recipes.

Chocolate Cake 1

It's chocolate cake, so I'm not sure how much I can say beyond "Delicious!". Of course.

However, I ran into some trouble with the frosting. The recipe includes heating most of the ingredients to a slow boil, then cooling for 45 minutes before adding the powdered sugar and vanilla. I messed this up, by boiling everything, but I don't think that really bothered the icing sugar. The more serious error was my decision to ice the cake the following day. I had to re-heat the frosting, and then I didn't let it cool enough.

The cake came from my oven. The frosting came from Mordor. Notice in the photo it's attempt to cover the land (i.e. my countertop) with Eternal Darkness. I had to put the whole thing on my balcony to allow winter to stop the spread.

Chocolate Cake 2

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TheBrummell said...

Ironically, while I was pouring frosting all over my kitchen via the cake, the song that came up on my phone's shuffle was "Out of Control" by The Chemical Brothers.