Saturday, January 30, 2016

Betty Crocker Cookbook #22: French Toast (pg. 79) - 160124

With bonus Shirred Eggs

Feeling the pressure to keep this project rolling, I threw together French Toast last Sunday before departing for a Sunday Drive. I had meant to half the recipe (but use 2 eggs instead of 1.5 and just fry the excess egg coating mixture), but I added the full amount of both eggs and milk and had to just roll with it.

Three eggs plus 3/4 cup of milk makes for a pretty runny mixture. This is good for coating bread, but when I fried the leftovers - I used 4 slices of bread rather than the full recipe's 8 - it didn't act like normal scrambled eggs. The sugar and vanilla were lovely on the bread, which of course was the point of this meal, but made the milky, scrambled eggs oddly sweet. In any case, this is a pretty standard French toast recipe and was delicious.

French ToastPHOTO

It's not a full recipe, just part of a general-guidelines table at the beginning of the "Eggs and Cheese" chapter on page 220, but the day before the French Toast I baked, or "shirred", some eggs for my breakfast.

Shirred Eggs 1
Shirred Eggs 2

I ended up baking them for about 50% longer than the guidelines suggested, and I'm still not sure how to "dot with butter", but they turned out quite well.

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