Saturday, January 30, 2016

Betty Crocker Cookbook #21: Corned Beef and Cabbage (pg. 289) - 160120

I wasn't able to find corned beef brisket as described in the recipe, so I went with "Cured Navel Beef" because it was packed in brine; the recipe specifies beef with brine, and step 1 includes "add juices and spices from package of corned beef". I took this to mean I should add some of the red-tinted liquid my navel beef was floating in. I also did not find a small head of cabbage, so I used about half of a large head of savoy cabbage. Everything went into the slow cooker (onion, garlic, and enough cold water to submerge the beef being the other ingredients) and I went to work.

When I came home, my apartment smelled as good as I expected - slow cookers tend to release delicious aromas, almost regardless of their contents. I nuked some potatoes and settled in for my supper.


After mentioning the brine, I'm sure most of you are completely unsurprised that this meal was basically salt with meat and salt and salt. Once I got past the SALT the flavour of the meat was quite nice, and the slow-cooked cabbage was interesting and not at all bad (the onions and garlic had basically dissolved, as is usual for the slow cooker). I ended up throwing the rest away because I couldn't bring myself to eat any more, especially after the fat congealed as a floating paste in the 'fridge. I only used about half of the navel beef, and I found another recipe that specifies soaking the salt out of the meat before cooking. 

No photo this time, I forgot to grab my camera while I was chugging huge amounts of water.

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