Thursday, April 27, 2006

Links Added part II

Time to bring in those webcomics links I added this morning. Lunch sits heavily in my stomach, making intelligent work difficult, so I can excuse myself contributing to this post for a little while.

Onto the webcomics I regularly read. I think I spend too much time on these already, now I'm going to discuss them.

Bigger Than Cheeses: an odd but long-running webcomic from Australia. Frequent sex and violence, combined with lots of weirdness. Updates once a week (Mondays, I think). Check out the IRC chat logs at the bottom of the page.
Bob the Angry Flower: Originally from Edmonton, now based in Seattle. Famous within webcomic circles for the lack of multi-issue plot arcs. Updates once a week (Fridays).
Casey and Andy: Based on the real-life adventures of the two title characters, with lots of exaggeration. A GURPS supplement is available (free of charge) if one wishes to role-play in their world. Updates twice a week, usually.
Irregular Webcomic: So named because the first 100 or so issues were not on any fixed update schedule. Since then, however, this comic has been very consistently updated every day. So it's not very irregular any more.
Partially Clips: All of the art (OK, 99.9%) is unmodified clip-art, with strange (and often dark) dialogue added, stretched over three visually-repeated panels. Updates about twice a week, but I'm not sure.
Penny Arcade: One of the big names in webcomics, Penny Arcade is loosely based on the lives of the two main characters, who also happen to be the Writer and the Artist of PA. So there's some weird recursion inherent in this comic. Updates thrice weekly (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays).
Perry Bible Fellowship: Nothing about Bibles here, just good, old-fashioned extreme weirdness. Almost no repeated characters, let alone multi-issue stories. The art varies extensively as well. Updates once per week, used to be Sundays, now it seems to update whenever.
Piled Higher and Deeper: PhD, get it? A well-written, well-drawn comic about life as a graduate student. It's funny because it's true.
PvP Online: Another widely-read, influential webcomic. Updates every day, occasionally in colour.
The Order of the Stick: Stick-figure art in a D&D world, with lots of broken 4th walls. I can't get over how much fun the Lich arch-villain character is. "I think I just had an Evilgasm". Priceless.

OK, I'll try not to waste much more time on these. Enjoy!

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