Thursday, April 27, 2006

Links Added part I

I've added some links to the sidebar on the right. So far I've got three big categories for links, based on what's in my "favorites" folder on Internet Explorer.

I'll provide a few quick notes on the Professional and Fun links here, and notes on the Webcomics will appear in a later post. This blogging thing is a bit more time-consuming than I anticipated.

Simon Fraser University: My current location, the institution soon to grant me a M.Sc.
SFU FAB-lab: The Evolutionary Biology research group here at SFU. Named for the first initials of the three founding faculty members (Felix, Arne and Bernie). We haven't figured out how to change the acronym to accomodate the newest faculty creature, Mike. The current compromise is to refer to ourselves as "FAB-star"
PDF Online: A useful piece of online software for converting documents and images to PDF format. I mainly use it for Word documents (like my CV), but it also handles a wide range of other inputs.
The Xiphophorus Home Page: Xiphophorus fishes are useful model organisms. Genetic work on Xiphophorus forms the foundation my M.Sc. thesis was built on. Excellent resources on this page for a wide range of biological and biomedical research.

B3ta: I always pronounce this like "Beta". A strange British website devoted to blatant time-wasting. Very dangerous if one wishes to have non-zero productivity.
Cruel: The World-Wide-Web's bitter aftertaste. A discussion board for the fireproof and chemically unbalanced. Often not Work-Safe (or, really, anything-safe)
Something Awful: The Internet Makes You Stupid. There is an enormous forum (70K + members?) hiding here. I just like the front page, and some of the regular features, especially Photoshop Phriday. Sooner or later I'll have the $10USD for a lifetime membership.
Steve Jackson Games: Makers of such fine mind-warping materials as GURPS and Illuminati. Fnord
The Onion: Journalism at its very Finest
Tucker Max: Tucker Max is his name, and he is an asshole. Very funny stories. He's also trying to change the world in a small way by exploring the self-publishing potential of the internet. He runs a site named Festering Ass devoted to helping artists get their material noticed and out there.
Uncyclopedia: the deranged answer to Wikipedia. I particularly recommend the entry on Kitten-Hurling
Weebl's Stuff: Weebl is the nom-de-net of a very talented British animator. The site became massively famous after he created the Badger song.
X-Entertainment: Matt reviews aspects of popular culture. I found his site through a link from Cruel, to a piece he wrote reviewing the Hungry-Man Big Breakfast. Don't read his stuff while eating - you'll either lose your appetite or spray lunch across your keyboard.

I should get some work done now. Descriptions of why I like the Webcomics will come in a later post.

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