Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Betty Crocker Cookbook #5: Chicken (Pork) Salad Sandwiches (pg. 452) - 160105

So far, this project is a remarkable 5/5 for successes. Charlie has been keeping me motivated during the launch stage (the first few days) of this cook-everything-in-a-big-cookbook project, and we ate Pork Salad Sandwiches for lunch today as I drove her to Ottawa’s airport. No photo this time because I forgot to take any during preparation, but I suspect it’s remarkably difficult to take a good picture of pork (or chicken) salad sandwiches as they are being created.

Substitutions this time include pork (obviously) for the recipe’s called-for cooked chicken (or ham, egg, or tuna in the published variations), using the slow-cooker pork we prepared in the Old Year (around December 30, if I remember correctly). And, instead of regular bread, we used pita pockets that we’d bought in expectation of regular lunches over this vacation. A typical daily schedule that included rising from bed around 11:30am precluded the use of most of our lunch supplies, but today’s pita-pocket sandwiches were excellent.

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