Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Fish: Haplophryne mollis

A leftvent seadevil from the Pacific ocean near Hawaii. Members of this family, Linophrynidae, have the largest mouths of any vertebrate relative to body size.

Tree of life link.
Photo credit (ToL) link.


Anonymous said...

It looks sort of like a scary swimming PAC-MAN! :D

Suzanne said...

hello Martin, the Hawryshyn lab has decided that each Friday we will eagerly check your blog for the FridayFish since, well, it's just so cool.

TheBrummell said...

Hi Suzanne,

I guess this confirms your identity... I thought it was you from your previous comment, but now I'm better than 95% certain of your identity.

The FridayFish is pretty much the only reliable thing going on here; my Monday rants are well off schedule (e.g. none this week, not been angry enough I guess) and I tend to post about other things rather haphazardously.

I know my PhD advisor already checks this blog on occassion (and sends me emails about it, and blames me for the genesis of his own blog), so now I can assume my BSc advisor will also read some of my ramblings.

If I had any, I'd assure my readers my standards would be tightening.

I'm glad you like the FridayFish. Dig through the archives (the "organisms" label is dominated by the FF) to find some pictures of fish taken by Lucy. Great stuff - and if you (or anyone, really) have any requests for future FFs or pictures I could put up of interesting fish, I'd love to see them.

Today's entry, for example, comes from a request. I'm happy to oblige.