Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Fish: Nematistius pectoralis

The roosterfish, a popular sport-fish of the southern portion of the Pacific coast of North America. They are apparently near-shore open-water predators, chasing shoals of sardines onto sandy beaches. They're also the only species in their family, Nematistiidae.

This is the only half-decent picture of one I could find; this guy's name is apparently "Andy".

Image credit link.


Anonymous said...

As wonderful as Andy is, there's a picture of the fish by itself at:,I_RR930.jpg

Hope the link works. Keep up the good work on educating me on the funky fish of the world!

TheBrummell said...

Yeah, I saw that picture during my google image search, but I didn't particularly like it, since the fish is so obviously posed on a uniform background. No idea of size, or anything like that. My favourite fish pictures are of fish that are alive and swimming, with something recognizable (like a coral head) in the background. Some fish are just badly under-photographed, sadly.

Give me $10000 and I'll fix that.