Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Whimsical Grunting (Ver 2.0)

I tried to post some YouTube videos here yesterday, but because Blogger is a horrible lowest-common-denominator-stupid-person kludge of a piece of software, it fucked up repeatedly, and I ended up just deleting all of the posts in frustrations. Now we'll try this again, using the "embed" code on YouTube rather than the utterly moronic "Post This Video" link.Song: The Sun Will Never Charm Us
Whimsical Grunting: "RIGYDIGYDIGY"

Song: Silver Plated Advocate
Whimsical Grunting: "KISS HER SPOON"

Song: Harvesting the Deceased
Whimsical Grunting: "BREE BREE BREE"

The term "Whimsical Grunting" is still the best descriptor of anything, ever.

For those without the ability to view YouTube videos in a blog (because of your software, not mine), here are the relevant links:
The Sun Will Never Charm Us
Silver Plated Advocate
Harvesting the Deceased


Necator said...

It's a metal meme. I introduced this to Carlo and now look what's happened. All kidding aside, Dsepised Icon kick @rse...

TheBrummell said...

I think Despised Icon (and their fans) kick literal ass - in the list of videos that comes up in YouTube when searching for "Despised Icon", one is a grainy home-vid of some kid (perhaps 14 years old) basically spazzing out in his back yard as a small girl, possibly his sister, aged perhaps 5, looks on in amazement.

The dance style inspired by Despised Icon and their despised iconic whimsical grunting seems more akin to overcharged epilepsy than traditional head-banging.

Having said that, I can't stop myself from quietly filling empty conversation-space with "RIGYDIGYDIGYDIGY RIGYDIGYDIGY BREE BREE" on multiple occassions.

TheBrummell said...

Also, thanks for stopping by, Bart, I forgot to give you proper credit for passing these videos to Carlo so I could enjoy them.