Monday, January 22, 2007

Underwater Hockey

I just got back from U of Guelph's "Gold" pool, where I played underwater hockey. Very fun, but now I am very tired. It seems that 10:00-11:00pm was the only time slot the university would give the club; formerly they played on Sunday afternoons, or at least that's what I was told.

One great thing about underwater hockey, besides the fun of playing and so on, is that after, I feel no cold. I don't know exactly what triggers this response. On my way to the pool, I was zipped up, gloves on, and I was seriously considering my toque for the 200 meter walk to the pool. On the way back, 1.5 hours later, air temperature still quite cold, I had my jacket open, no gloves, just my t-shirt between me and the oncoming cold air. But I felt warm. Not just "tolerable" or "within limits", but actually warm.

Much fun, Martin now very tired, hard to type. Home soon.

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