Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday Rant: Buses

I'm pretty sure I'm still behind in my Rantings, but I would hate to get ahead. For that is the worst thing a bus can do.

Last night, my homeward voyage was aboard the only bus in Guelph on a detailed schedule. It was supposed to pick me up from the corner of Stone Road and Gordon Street at 12:04am, but arrived EARLY.

This is unforgivable.

"But Martin", I hear you say "You got on the nice warm bus six minutes early, and didn't have to wait that long in the cold".

You are an idiot, Strawmanreader. I was prepared for the cold - not only was I dressed for it, but earlier pool activities had messed up my metabolism, rendering me more resistant to low temperatures. What if I had not been so freakishly early for the bus? What then? I would have missed a bus that travels only once every 1/2 hour! That's what!

Five minutes late in a bus is a problem, but minor. Five minutes early is deeply, troublingly wrong.


Carlo said...

Yeah, get ready to rant about this one a lot. Whilst in Vancouver, you really tend to take the excellent bus services for granted.

Some buses in Hamilton run like clockwork (like the ones that go to the smaller malls), however; the high-volume routes (such as the ones that go to the larger malls and the ALL of the ones that go to Mac) are unforgivable.

Julie's got to leave for work hours ahead of time because you can never tell when the bus is going to come.

I admire the city planners for trying to get the bus schedule together in a way that connections fall at the same time and stuff, but in practice, it's not working too well.

One of the newly elected mayor of Hamilton's priorities was bus service reform... I REALLY hope he doesn't cut that one...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the 10-Transatlantic route stop through Guelph?

TheBrummell said...

Indeed the 10-Transatlantic does have stops in Guelph, downtown and near a major shopping area. It actually runs near my house. Someday I'll ride that thing around the world.