Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weekend Miscellany

Just a short post to list some of the noteworthy things going on around here in the last 24 hours.

I talked to Lucy Harrison last night, she said that while it's low on her list of priorities, she'd set up a webpage with low-res versions of her pictures and contact information for people who want to buy the full-size hi-res versions. When she gets that up, I'll set up a link here. She was also quite pleased to hear that her pictures are so popular. When I asked about equipment, she said it's pretty basic - a $250 digital camera inside a $250 pressure / diving container - so she's been taking these amazing pictures using only a $500 rig.

I gave my landlord notice a couple of days ago that I'd be out of here by December 31. I ran into him today, he said it had been "an honor" having me live here. I dunno; we didn't really interact much, which is exactly how I like it, and I guess I didn't cause many problems for him.

Today we tried to go to the mall for various things, but bailed after wasting 20 minutes creeping around the parking lots because the idiots in charge of the mall closed the upper level parking and it's frickin' December, the time of the most intense (annoying) shopping and largest (frustrating) crowds. Not to mention moronic drivers and clueless pedestrians. The experience was lightened considerably when we allowed a car in front of us as we were leaving, and the driver thanked us with a unique wave - he leaned forward over his dashboard and flashed us a sideways version of the "El Diablo" salute. Highly refreshing, especially coming from the driver of a Subaru.

When we got back to my place, in between cleaning, sorting, and packing, I booked my flight to Onterrible on WestJet. Their on-line booking procedure is reasonably well set-up; I had no difficulties, except for the internal alarm bells that go off whenever I make major decisions and / or spend significant money. $371 got me a ticket for Thursday, January 4th, leaving Vancouver at 8:00 am and arriving Hamilton at 14:54, after a brief stopover in Edmonton.


Carlo said...

So how's the apartment hunting and all that going? Have you got everything ready to ship? I imagine that what, 4 years spent living in Vancouver, would make you accumulate a lot of junk... Make sure to ship all the geeky card/board/role playing games, as I'm sure we'll find time to use them...

Oh, and I'd like to officially welcome you to the horrible, horrible cold, which has officially begun...

TheBrummell said...

Meh, we had "horrible" cold last week here. Minus 9, unheard of 'round here.

Apartment hunting has yet to really start - today or tomorrow I'll spend some time with a good map of Guelph, trying to get a handle on location, location, location.

And yes, I have accumulated most likely a literal ton of junk. Yesterday I took about 50 Kg to the recycle yard (old magazines, undergrad notes, etc), and I haven't yet tackled either closet. I'm not shipping any furniture with me, except one small bookcase, and I've found homes for the majority of the big things. I bought one of those big black shipping boxes you have, and I'll see what fits in it after I talk to UPS a bit.

The majority of my games are in Calgary, taken there by my parents in August - they will bring that stuff through when they visit Onterrible in July. I did keep a handful of stuff, most notably the small-and-easy-to-pack Cheapass Games. So fun can still be had.