Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Rant: Not My Job

Nearly every student who has asked me a reasonable, yes-I'm-your-TA-and-you-can-ask-that type of question has also asked at least one stupid I-told-you-I-don't-do-that question.

"Do you have our lab exercises to hand back?" NO, you deaf twonk, we've told you repeatedly that the instructor for the course, who is standing behind you, marks those.

"What's my mark on that assignment?" I'm changing it to zero, now, because you asked such a stupid question. Go to the website, look it up, stop bugging me.

"What's the website?" WebCT is a terrible piece of shyte software with "lowest bidder" written all over it. However, it's also the only fucking software that courses at this university are using - and this is a third-year course. You have just asked a remarkably stupid question. Please refrain from breeding.

"I went to the website, but I didn't see my marks! I know I handed the assignment in!" Not technically a question, but I'll answer it (snarkily) anyways: do you really think my job includes de-bugging that above-mentioned shyte software? Sometimes, it doesn't release the marks the exact second the instructor tells it to. Get over it - that mark is in the past, it's not like you can do something to make it better now.

"C'mon!" No, I don't respond to blantant asstardery.

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Carlo said...

You know what? I actually like WebCT... Here at Mac, courses are spread between WebCT and another, much more horrible piece of shit called LearnLink. LearnLink actually requires you to install software onto your system (that ONLY works in Windows...) then log into their server. This server is HORRIBLY organized (basically you have to find your course in this giant alphabetically organized directory tree) and all of the stuff for you class is just dumped into one big old directory. You then have to download files in order to view them.

Newsflash! We've progressed beyond Windows 3.1!!!! Get with it.