Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Fish: Amphiprion clarkii

The yellow-tail clownfish, probably. Yet another great series of pictures from Lucy Harrison's fieldwork last summer on the tropical reefs of Saipan. She wasn't 100% sure of the species identification for these pictures, but we're going to go with it, anyway. Two pictures this time - I have a third, but Lucy has said she's considering offering some of these images for sale, so I'll not post everything I've got.


Kagemusha said...

These are wonderful pictures... are there more?

TheBrummell said...

Hello and welcome, jcr.

There are more pictures, yes. Previous "Friday Fish" entries will show up if you follow the "Organisms" label. Many of my previous posts show Lucy's pictures.

I also have a bunch more on my harddrive, not (yet) posted. A few months ago, Lucy said she was thinking of selling some of her pictures, so I'm hesitant about posting everything I got from her on my blog.

I expect to see Lucy later today, and I will pass on your compliments. I'll also ask her about posting more of these, because I agree - they really are excellent pictures.

Anonymous said...

Lucy's photos are amazing, and she should try to sell them!

I'm also interested to know what kind of equipment she uses.

If she lets you, keep them coming!