Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Official Launch

OK, this marks the actual start of my adventure in blogging. I've decided to get myself a blog, since everyone else is doing it (and I just want to be popular).

I don't know how active this blog will be, or how long I'll keep this up. It's an experiment, motivated by my own arrogance and boredom. Also, there are some ideas floating around in the blogosphere about scientists needing to interact with the lay public more, for example by blogging. So if I can keep a straight face, I can justify - to a limited extent - spending time doing this rather than something more directly productive. Assuming anyone else is willing to accept my self-label of "scientist".

Why launch today? I was reading The Economist on the bus this morning, including the series of articles in the survey of new media. One of those articles, read as the bus bounced over the potholes on University Drive, was about blogs and blogging. I actually set up this blog back in November 2005, but I haven't touched it since inception, because (as the first post says) I just created it so I could post on my friend's blog. Recently, I've posted a couple of comments on said friend's blog that basically say "I should start my own blog". So here it is.


Jane D. said...

don't be so stuffy.

TheBrummell said...

Hello Tina,

Thanks for commenting - you are officially the first commentor on my new blog.


Um, I'll try heeding your advice, and be less stuffy in future. Do you have any specific criticisms?