Saturday, January 09, 2016

Betty Crocker Cookbook #9: Broccoli Sunshine Salad (pg. 384) - 160107

The final part of my supper Thursday night, a salad to provide some greenery. Broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables, partly because it is so often served with cheese sauce (I am a cheese monkey).

In the past I have avoided broccoli stalks, concentrating on the crowns. After getting over my despair at the price of the chicken breasts, I went with full broccoli rather than the more-expensive crowns. There is advice on this page of the Betty Crocker cookbook regarding slicing up broccoli, but rather than make thin spears, I just chopped up the stalks (after roughly slicing off protrusions and leaves) into discs, much like how I typically chop carrots.

Some of the pieces were a bit too large for my tastes, but otherwise this was a smashing success.

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