Sunday, January 31, 2016

Betty Crocker Cookbook #30: Mexican Scrambled Eggs (pg. 221) - 160131

I think the easiest recipe in this book is Scrambled Eggs, so I took on the variant, Mexican Scrambled Eggs. This is very similar to the breakfast burritos I sometimes do - scrambled eggs, stir-fried onion & pepper, wrapped in a tortilla with cheese - but with some chorizo sausage added. The sausage wasn't really "chorizo", it was whatever sub-category the sausage the Mennonites sell at the St. Jacob's farmers' market falls into. There are Mennonites in Mexico, and I didn't go for the garlic sausage, so I'm going to call this substitution "close enough".

No photo, so I can't show you how I made a rather large breakfast for myself. I was pretty stuffed.

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