Saturday, January 09, 2016

Betty Crocker Cookbook #11: Potato, Bacon and Egg Scramble (pg. 222) - 160109

This recipe is labelled as "Fast", and indeed I probably could prepare this on a workday without jeapardizing my morning routine. In any case, I made this this morning - a Saturday - just in case. Also, this project is putting some pressure on my dish-washing lack-of-routine, and my one good frying pan was still full of bacon residue yesterday morning.

Potato Bacon Egg Scramble

This chapter is "Eggs & Cheese" and those things do often appear together. But this recipe lacks cheese, an oversight I was prepared to downgrade it for. The taste - especially the generous helping of green onions, and the salt & pepper I didn't measure as I added them to the eggs - makes up for it, though. I did add some West Indian hot sauce, because the stuff I have is amazing with potatoes, though I made sure to also evaluate this dish without such additions.

The recipes I planned before my shopping trip Thursday evening included a bit of my attempts at efficiency, with some ingredients appearing in multiple recipes. The broccoli that went into both Thursday's salad (carried over for Friday's lunch) and the Asian Noodle Bowl is one example, the bacon that appears here, in the broccoli salad, and in my plan for tomorrow's supper is the other. My cupboards are pretty small and pretty full, and my need for a chest freezer increases daily, but this kind of planning is helping. This simple little thing, that I'm sure many other people do as a matter of course, is a fairly large departure from my typical grocery shopping habits, in which I just look for those items I've consumed recently, and restock.

Part of the motivation for this project is my low-level lack of satisfaction with my typical diversity of meals; I had around half-a-dozen meals that I would eat regularly, with most of those being very easy to prepare and taking little time. I don't think I ate poorly (with the possible exception of last summer, though not in terms of quality, just quantity - I need to eat more!), but this project does seem to be leading to some appreciable widening of my daily intake.

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Charlie Bailey said...

You are a dynamo and an inspiration. I can't read these posts and go back to being unproductive. Way to go my love!