Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Rant: UPS

About a week ago, I bought a new computer from a company in Calgary. They shipped it almost to me by UPS. UPS has never successfully delivered anything to me. Unlike other couriers, UPS company policies are all perverse when applied to residential delivery. They take as long to get an item off the truck and into a depot where it can be retrieved as they do to carry the item hundreds or thousands of kilometres. They only deliver during business hours, and the depot is open fewer hours in a week than an average bank. The website lies about the hours of the depot, which is located far away from anything in an industrial zone in Saskatoon.

The computer I bought arrived Friday, while I was not at home (of course). They gave it to my neighbour, a person I've never met. She hasn't been home since Friday, apparently, and still has it. I'm not worried about her, but it's annoying that UPS let her sign for it. I called and filed a complaint, which was less than satisfactory; the computer voice that speaks to me before I can talk to a real person informed me I can request the second attempt at delivery be with a neighbour. But in the follow-up call from the local depot I was informed it was company policy to ask a neighbour to accept the package, even on the first delivery attempt.

I don't actually care what UPS corporate policy is, I don't expect them to change at all because of my experiences. I want the ability to specify DO NOT SEND UPS when I buy something on-line - I will gladly pay more (and wait longer) for a different carrier. I've received packages carried by Fedex, Canada Post, Purolator, and DHL, and never had the kinds of problems I've had with UPS.

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Anonymous said...

Nice rant Martin! Since many people these days do not know their neighbors, it seems a bit presumptuous to drop any item there, let alone a laptop. Well, hopefully your neighbor at least reads your blog!