Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fish: Pegasus volitans

Slender sea moth or sea robin (Pegasus volitans)

A seamoth, family Pegasidae, order Pegasiformes. This is a very small and very strange family; my Fishes of the World, 2nd Edition (Nelson, 1984) describes a single genus, with five species, and only this family in the order. It also describes the family as
"Body oddly shaped (broad and depressed), encased in bony plates; mouth small and toothless, beneath a long flattened rostrum (formed by fused nasals), with an unusual mechanism for protrusion of the jaws...
Image from WildSingapore's flickr page, here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Martin!

Struggling to get through to you concerning the Gasmet FTIR, sorry to use the fish as a contact point!


Henry Meller
Buttonwood Marketing

Kitty Hannah said...

Oh. Seamoth? No idea such a creature existed. It looks as if it has been kept between the pages of a book for far too long...