Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Drive 60: Blackstrap Federal Riding

This is a short post, I wanted to get some pictures and content up while it's still almost-topical, before tomorrow's federal election.

Start km: 329392.3
End km: 329953.1
Driven: 560.8 km

Today I drove most of the perimeter of the Canadian federal electoral riding of Blackstrap, the riding I currently reside in, and the riding in which I will cast a vote tomorrow. I did not set out with any partisan agenda on this drive, I just wanted to see my neighbours, and see the places that will cast votes with me.

Here are a few pictures, I'll put together a more thorough description of today's adventure in a few days, when I'm not so tired.
SD 060 Eastern Suburbs on 8th
SD 060 Accidental Self-Portrait
SD 060 Near Lanigan
SD 060 Yoda refused to open it
SD 060 Plowed and ready
SD 060 Evening on Highway 11
SD 060 Big Quill NE Border
SD 060 Redneck Pride (my neighbours)


Kitty Hannah said...
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Kitty Hannah said...

How do you manage to clock up so many miles in one day?! I think you should rename your Sunday drive - how about "Sunday's trailer-spotting drive"? Because I really, really love the picture of the trailers... Trivia is me.
(reposted without typo this time!)

Necator said...

Dude, you need a hobby...gas is expensive.

TheBrummell said...

I have a hobby: I take photographs and hide them away on my harddrive, never to be seen again.

Gas isn't *that* expensive, especially when one has so few other expenses.

TheBrummell said...

Hannah, I'd written up a big comment about driving long distances, but blogger ate it.

The short answer is: at 100km/h an afternoon can cover vast areas. Owning an automobile really, really expands one's personally accessible space, even if one's personal space shrinks behind sound-proof glass.