Friday, September 03, 2010

Canada's Best Drivers

Recently, I was asked my opinion on the television show "Canada's Worst Driver" (Discovery Channel). Personally, I think the show is lame. I don't want to see bad drivers, I want to see good drivers, drivers who are better than me, awesome drivers.

I want to see Canada's Best Drivers. Instead of useless twits making idiotic mistakes, I'd like to see excellent drivers show us how it's done. Real-world driving situations, real-world greatness. The upside of 'reality TV', where the rare, truly excellent "everyday people" are discovered and can show off.

I want to see the school bus driver from Thunder Bay hold a 3-axle, 10-wheel powerslide to keep the bus on the road and out of the half-frozen lake. I want to see the Montreal inner-city van courier dance in traffic. I want to see the taxi driver who saves his clients tens of dollars, and his employer thousands, taking the sneaky back routes that avoid the permanent mess that are the normal approaches from Pearson onto the 401. I want to ride along in-car with the otherwise unremarkable man who humiliates modified Subarus in his Hyundai on weekends, sideways in a dirt parking lot behind a community college. I want to hear the sound of a perfectly tuned, just-rebuilt 4-cylinder Honda engine in a 1982 Accord with half a million kilometres on the odometer. I want to see real winter driving, as a 10-year-old pickup truck blasts through drifting snow on a lonely highway in northern Alberta.

Why does this show not exist?


Carlo said...

Watching other people fail makes some (or most) people feel better, I suppose. But hey, I watch so little TV that I don't know what's popular anymore :-)

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smplcv said...

I appreciate your thoughts..Would be happy if this gets implemented!

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