Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm on TV!

As I described previously, in late July of this year we were visited by a crew from Global Television at Alexandra Fjord. They spent about 2 days filming us and the suroundings, and they said this footage would be edited down to make one of a number of roughly 60-second vignettes to be broadcast before the evening news.

Well, I guess they kept their word. Here's the bit I'm in.

Full disclosure: I'm realistically faking it in the parts I'm in. While those are reasonably accurate portrayals by me of my day-to-day activities at Alexandra Fjord, I didn't actually write anything in my notebook there, and I didn't actually collect any data from that chamber at that time.

And Anne would probably kill me if I mentioned that she was none too pleased about being asked to look at a specimen of Eriophorum with a magnifying glass, nor would she be happy if I reiterated her (much repeated) point that no self-respecting botanist would need to use such a glass to examine any plant of that genus.


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King Aardvark said...

Ha, love the useless magnifying glass. Maybe if she had really bad vision?

Wow, you look a bit like a Billy Mays in one of those shots.