Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday Rant: Hotmail

Microsoft's free on-line email system, Hotmail, has shat itself. Something horrible called "bing" has splattered itself all over the redirects, and hotmail is not currently accessible. Microsoft's help system is also utterly useless, and refuses to let me tell Microsoft directly that one of their most popular web services is down.

I want Microsoft to die. Die, Microsoft, DIE!


The Other Jim said...

Dear people rushing to the comment section,

Before this turns into a "ha ha Microsoft" session, remember gmail had a massive hemorrhage recently as well. Micorsoft is only following in Google's footsteps. ;-)

Carlo said...

I do have to say though that I stopped using Hotmail quite a long time ago. I've always found it to be slow, and while Gmail may also have its faults, at least it generally tend to be quick when it works.