Friday, July 18, 2008

Part II, Day 5: 080701

Canada Day may be a federal holiday in Canada, but I got some work done anyways. Not a huge amount of work, not 16 hours of hard work, but some work. Mainly, I cleared my trap, which didn’t contain much, and got my GPS records up to date.

The presentation at the visitor’s centre on flying squirrels looked quite good, but was (not surprisingly) aimed at the abundant children infesting the locale. So, I didn’t stick around past the first few minutes, from which I learned that the Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) may be the most abundant squirrel in Canada, as its geographic species range includes pretty much all of the forest in Canada, coast-to-coast and North to the tree line.

We also took a trip into the nearest town, Marathon. Of course, most things were closed, so we couldn’t get an internet signal from the library. The coffee served at the Robin’s Donuts was very good, though. We have no facilities to make coffee, so it’s been a few days since my last good java hit. We eventually found an internet signal from the local Chrysler dealership, much to my surprise. I didn’t bring my computer with me on this trip into town, so I was only able to quickly check my email on another computer while we sat in the mostly-deserted dealership parking lot.

After dinner, we returned to the beach for more sunset action, but a low-altitude cloud bank rolled in, flattened the light, and obscured the sun’s disk. However, I played around with some close-up shots of the local vegetation, using the flash to highlight the plants.

One of my favourites of the about 10 pictures I took of shore-growing plants using the flash to fill in the foreground. This is looking South from a rocky outcrop sticking out across the sandy beach.

Tomorrow is will be a day of much more work, and I plan to visit other splash pools along Superior’s shore, as well as some of the swampy (and mosquito-infested) patches close to Halfway Lake.

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