Sunday, July 06, 2008

Part I, Day 17: 080625

Today I sleep at home, a wonderful and novel thing to look forward to. This morning, Matt and I left Hershey, PA, after eating breakfast at the same Perkin’s we’d had a late dinner at last night. We drove up beside the Susquahana River, and stopped at a few boat ramps when the trucks tailgating us permitted.

The West bank of the Susquahana River, about 10 kilometres North of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We found a large number of moulted crayfish exoskeletons in the very shallow waters here.

Pennsylvania yielded no amphipods, but some nice gyrinid beetles and a few snails. We didn’t collect at all in New York, we just ran for home. We stopped at a rest area in southern New York to clear out the accumulated debris from the car and make sure we weren’t carrying too much contraband back to Canada. This also gave us the opportunity to repack the car to transport mode and out of stop-frequently-and-get-in-the-water mode.

New York’s “Turnpike” is a toll road, with the fee based on how far one travels along it. From Rochester to Buffalo costs a car $2.50, which was fortunate since between us, Matt and I had exactly that amount in cash, a large fraction of which was pennies. The nice woman at the toll booth did not seem to mind my deposit of so many coins into her hand.

Buffalo’s highways that avoid downtown are also labelled as toll roads, but we were not charged until we got to the bridge. The Canadian border guard seemed to be coaching us in our answers to avoid generating paperwork for him, and we passed the border without trouble. Of course we stopped at the first available turn-off in Canada, after expressing our surprise at the outrageous speed limits. We’ve been operating in feet and miles for too long, I think.

Matt dropped me and my cryoshippers off at the lab at the University of Guelph at around 8:00pm, and we parted ways, thus ending Part I of my multi-part summer of field work. Tomorrow I plan to SLEEP IN for a while, then come into campus and get some odds-and-ends preparations for Part II sorted out.

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