Saturday, July 05, 2008

Part I, Day 11: 080619

We thought we were done with Georgia, but we needed to sample all around Lake Seminole, which sits on the border of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The Flint River drains from Georgia into the lake, and forms a significant barrier and decently-accessible shoreline. We also travelled a little way north of the lake into southwestern Georgia, then back into Florida, and south through some rather confusing county and state highways.

Our second site of the day was inside the city limits of Chatahoochee, Florida, under a bridge on Mosquito Creek. Rather than mosquitoes, however, we met the smell of human waste (fairly faint, thankfully). Additionally, as we returned to the car, we were met by a person on a small John Deer tractor (a “gator”, commonly used by landscapers), who was concerned by the presence of a possibly-abandoned rental car with out-of-state license plates. We reassured her that we had not abandoned our car, and that we had had no mechanical difficulties. Also, no, we were not in any way affiliated with the nearby mental health facility.

The oddly-named and poorly-odoured Mosquito Creek. Not pictured: people with mental health issues (we were both behind the camera).

Lake Seminole itself provided a wealth of amphipods, as well as a few beetles and large snails. The weather remained hot and sunny all day, despite the weather reports predicting thunderstorms.

Lake Seminole, looking North from the shoreline near a large boat launch, just inside Georgia. We actually sampled from the old, partially collapsed boat ramp, just to the right of this picture.

We ended up not far to the West from last night’s stay in Tallahassee, only about 100 kilometers. Tomorrow we need to put some serious distance behind us, and get into Alabama.

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