Monday, September 17, 2007

Figure of the Month: Happy Stickman at the Airport

I don't know if this will be a monthly feature around here or not, but via Everyday Scientist I found this:

Schollhorn C, Fuller AM, Gratier J, Hummel RE. 2007. Developments on standoff detection of explosive materials by differential reflectometry. Applied Optics 46: 6232-6236.

Yes, it's a figure in a real paper in a real journal. My guess is this is the result of a bet, probably undertaken after consumption of alcohol at the campus pub.


Necator said...

I just found a new way of adding figures for my committee reports.

Thanks Brummell!

Suvrat Kher said...

very funny! and very politically correct too! no chance of showing a resemblance to any particular ethnicity.

TheBrummell said...

I hadn't thought of that until you pointed it out, Suvrat, but it's very true - no profiling happening here!

My favourite part about this figure, besides the glaring fact that it's a stick-figure in a scientific paper (the other figures are the usual run of obscure graphs), is the happy smile. This technology must be great, look at how happy the person is!

langmann said...

Well you should also check out this paper then, brummell


TheBrummell said...

That abstract looks interesting, Langmann, but where's the paper?

PubMed will be the subject of a rant one of these days.

langmann said...

No kidding, has pubmed got worse or is it just me?

Here's a link to that spectacular paper: here

TheBrummell said...

Thanks, Langmann. I didn't find any strikingly funny figures there (just two chest-X-rays, without showing any rectally-inserted foreign bodies).

However, this part amused me:

Waraich et al. 2007 said: Digital rectal examination revealed severe tenderness in the pelvis along with some dark brown coloured matter on the examining finger.

They report this as if it's surprising. But, kudos to them for maintaining strict objectivity throughout.