Tuesday, July 03, 2007

One Good Post

My advisor, Dr. T. Ryan Gregory, has asked a question: How much good can one blog post do? He hopes the answer is "a great deal!"; I share that hope. So, if you're not a regular reader of Genomicron, but somehow ended up here (perhaps by mistake?), please click over to Genomicron and read about the fantastic work Dr. Gregory's parents are conducting.

Donate directly, without the bother of all that reading: DONATE HERE. (look for the paypal button near the bottom)

URLs for the link-averse:
Genomicron the blog: http://genomicron.blogspot.com/
One Very Good Post: http://genomicron.blogspot.com/2007/07/how-much-good-can-one-blog-post-do.html

At this point I'll selfishly and churlishley mention that it was I who got Dr. Gregory a'bloggin' in the first place, so I'm claiming karmic victory if this effort goes as we hope. Say, 1% of the karmic goodness goes to me. A finder's fee, if you will. :)

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Bob Gregory said...

Thanks for the help. It's good to know my son is still learning. I'm glad to share the good Karma with you as your commission is quite reasonable. Bob