Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Churchill Update II: Pictures

Yes, it has been a while since I put up anything here, so I'm going to reward the loyal hangers-on who check this blog occassionally still with some pretty pictures. Bandwidth limits here in Churchill are pretty tight, so these are rather poor representations of the high-resolution (and large file-size) pictures I took with my Nikon 5200.

This is the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, viewed a few nights ago, facing roughly North-West.

Here's the main lab inside the CNSC, looking from the back of the room towards the front. The doorway on the right at the end leads to the "Arctic Hallway", the kitchen, and the dorms.

My lab bench. Normally it's messier than that. This picture is from several days ago, during a brief non-super-busy period. With more people around, there are also more things cluttering nearby spaces, like chest waders and plankton nets. This is at the opposite end of the room compared to the above picture.

The boreal forest nearby, which is full of hungry biting flies (Simuliidae and Culicidae, primarily, with a good number of Tabanidae thrown in for fun).

A nearby tundra pond viewed at night, near where the first picture was taken. The trees in the background are all less than 4 meters tall, to provide some sense of scale. Most trees around here are not as tall as I am or only slightly taller.


Anonymous said...

Very nice shots, and good to see you're still blogging away.

TheBrummell said...

Thanks, Laelaps. I've got about 1000 more pictures (literally), many of which are through-microscope pictures I'm using to keep track of my specimens. Perhaps 350 pictures are not work-related... belugas, polar bears, arctic foxen, various arctic birds, landscapes, local architecture, et cetera... that I'll post a sample of when I'm back in Guelph and have access to a much broader upload bandwidth.

And now back to sorting through pond slime. yay!

Carlo said...

Well, it sounds pretty fun... at least you're not sitting in front of a computer like me stressing about whether you estimated the alpha parameter on your gamma distributions correctly... I've done so much line-drawing today that my wrist is actually in pain!

Well, it'll all be worth it if I get to go to Barcelona next year (SMBE)! But things are already looking up on that front.

Good luck with the field-work and let me know when you're back, my geekin' out meter is falling dangerously low...

King Aardvark said...

Polar bears? I hope you don't look particularly tasty.

Nice pics so far.