Sunday, June 10, 2007

Programming Languages Quiz

You are Java.  You are very strong and sturdy, but this makes you a bit sluggish.
Which Programming Language are You?

I don't know very much about programming languages in general or Java in particular, but at least I have met Java before, unlike some of the other programming languages that are possible outcomes of this quiz.

Incidentally, it's nice to be able to see all possible outcomes of a quiz - too many of these very silly things just spit out your 'result' and you have no idea what the other possible choices are.


langmann said...

I'm Java as well.

Its weird looking through that list I have programmed in more than half of those languages.

Strange how life is.

How's your wine taste? Been following but haven't had much time to write. WHat the heck are you going to do with all those bottles anyway?

TheBrummell said...

How's your wine taste? Been following but haven't had much time to write.

I am also somewhat pressed for time of late, what with preparations for my field season upon me.

I tried the wine last night; I shared a bottle with my sister, who agreed with me that it's non-terrible (actually, I think we'd both rate it "decent") but will almost certainly improve with more than a week of bottle aging. Mostly we hope it will develop more flavour, and the slight acidity of the first sip will disappear.

WHat the heck are you going to do with all those bottles anyway?

Um... drink them? What did you think I'd do? Of course I will also admire them, occassionally caress them, and take further pictures of them in their glory. But the main plan is consumption.

I'm thinking one bottle per week, plus additional consumption at special occassions (i.e. whenever I feel like it).

Carlo said...

By the powers of E.B. Ford, I need more wine... Oh man I'm thirsty.

Strangely, I now get headaches whenever I consume beer in amounts insufficient to get me drunk. It has become difficult for me to enjoy a good brew casually. It's strange because this only started about 2 years ago.

On the other hand, I experience no such problems with the old wine. Obviously there are differences, but I have no idea what could cause this and haven't bothered to look it up.

Next geeky-weekend will have to involve wine instead of beer. It'll be like 'haute-culture geek'.

TheBrummell said...

It'll be like 'haute-culture geek'.

I know how to fix that. No glasses! I'll just rip the corks out of two bottles and hand one to you. The alcohol content of a bottle of wine is very close to the alcohol content of 6 bottles of beer... so I figure why bother with glasses, we can just drink straight from bottles.

For a cost of production of $2.50, we can definately afford this.

Carlo said...


langmann said...

I like to see the application of good economics and efficiency.