Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Charles!

Today is Charles Darwin's 198th birthday. Happy Birthday Charles!

Here is the requisite picture - sans beard. About a month ago, Darren Naish posted a lovely rant about the stereotype of scientists as boring old men with long beards. Such is the picture today at Pharyngula, but I'm a scientist, I'm not old, and I don't have a beard (well, I forgot to shave this mornging, but that hardly counts).

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TheBrummell said...


It's been pointed out in several places on teh intarwebs that famous-dead-US-president Lincoln was born on exactly the same day as Charles Darwin (Feb 12, 1809).

When this was pointed out on the SA forums thread "How do you celebrate Darwin day?", the reply was:

iKickDogs posted:
If Lincoln wants a day, he'll rise from his grave and take it.

This is both true and awesome.