Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Fish: Dolichopteryx rostrata

The Argentinoidea superfamily of deep-ocean marine fishes sometimes shows up on salmonid phylogenies as an outgroup or part of a large sister-clade. I had no idea what these things were, and when I threw the superfamily name at Google, I found a recent paper describing a new species of 'spookfish'. There are very few pictures out there for this genus, and none found by Google Image Search for this particular species, so I've copied one of the colour photographs taken during Fukui & Kitagawa's investigation of their specimens, included as "supplemental material" on the journal's website ( Hopefully I'm not violating copyright too badly here. I've added the copyright notice, just in case that will help save me from the publisher's ravening hordes of lawyers.

Literature cited:
Fukui A, Kitagawa Y. 2006. Dolichopteryx rostrata, a new species of spookfish (Argentinoidea: Opisthoproctidae) from the eastern North Atlantic Ocean. Ichthyological Research 53: 7-12.

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