Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday Rant (Badly Delayed): Justin Timberlake

Watson-AND-Crick-DAMNED pop singers who suck almost as hard as their Franklin-AND-McClintock-DAMNED "fans". Fucking shut that shit OFF! I'm trying to work out, and I get "my love, my love, my love" over and over and AAAAAGGGHHHH. You used to be in assraping N-Sync, fucktard, take your castrati voice away!

You! Yes, you! Behind the counter! I don't pay to be here and listen to random synthesizer shyte overlaid by nega-talented wanna-be criminoids with buccal-cavity structural defects! Shut it down, then kill yourself!

FUCK I hate pop music. DJs are bad enough; when their voices are interspersed with Universal's latest sonic shoulda-been-abortion, I become even crazier.

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