Monday, November 06, 2006

15 Minutes of Fame

I should be continuing with my review of Seed Magazine here, but I left it at home, so you'll have to wait until at least tomorrow to see my thoughts on the long articles in Volume 7, Number 2.

Strangely, my over-long, boring review in multipart format seems to have caught the attention of some other bloggers with much larger readership than I have. As a result, I got a nice bit of extra traffic around here on Thursday, after Coturnix and Pharyngula dropped links to me.

I have detected exactly two comments directly resulting from those links (here and here), but my site-traffic meter recorded some sizeable activity.
This looks pretty clearly like a strong signal, well above the threshold signal-to-noise ratio. Of course, you'll also notice that site traffic dropped just as steeply on Friday.

Yes, this graph sucks - why does it connect the dots between days for total site visits? That should also be a bar graph or histogram - the slopes of those connecting lines are completely meaningless.

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