Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I should really be editing (read: completely trashing and starting over) my manuscript, but instead I feel like procrastinating and writing lots of blog posts. I had a pretty good weekend, so I'm going to talk about that some more.

On Saturday, in between the massive clean-up and supplies-purchasing carried out at my place, I picked up a bottle of Smirnoff Red-Label Vodka. I admit I was swayed by their advertising, while at the liquor store. There are many varieties and brands of vodka available to the modern drunkard, but I went with the Smirnoff based on their marketing (the bottle looks cool) and advertising (their please-drink-responsibly ads are much better than most others by booze companies). Also, when the competition includes "Russian Prince" brand, narrowing the selection can be pretty easy.

Previously, I had a bottle of "Polar Ice" vodka, given to me by my older sister Ruth some years ago at christmas. This resided in my freezer (where space is often at a premium) for several years, until I finished it with an evening of screwdrivers several months ago. New bottles of Polar Ice are a different shape (somewhat flattened), and I felt like trying something different. Stolichnaya was also strongly considered, but their traditional just-like-a-wine-bottle-with-screwcap design didn't do it for me, despite the cool Russian name.

Anyways, I went with the Smirnoff, despite the slight markup over other brands and the voice in my head chanting "consumer whore" to me. So far, it has served with distinction in screwdrivers and vodka slimes. Mmm...alcoholic citrus...

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