Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogger and Photo Upload

I've got a post ready to go here, all I need to do is add the pictures - two of them, resident upon my hard drive. One of those pics I even made myself (well, I added some text to a background pic I stole from SFU Facilities Management). Blogger, however, seems to have a problem, and has had this problem intermittently for months - I say "add image", the image window appears, I find the file on my harddrive and select some options (right, left or center, small, medium or large), and click OK. That window is replaced by a status window that says "uploading picture", it ticks over for a few seconds, then says "done". According to Blogger's barely-relevant help pages, I have to click "done" to finish the process. Fine, I do so, and voila! NO PICTURE. WTF?

Does anyone else have this problem?


Anonymous said...

While I can't comment on Blogger's system, I'd suggest trying a different browser when you encounter issues such as that. Do you know if it is a java-based upload? It could be that the file is being received properly, but the application they use to resize images is failing.

If you ever need to post something and can't get it to work, I'd be happy to provide you an FTP account to for hosting which you could hotlink content from.

Anonymous said...

m0st 1337 v1s1t0r!

Carlo said...

Martin, if you do your uploads from work, it could be that the school servers just suck. When I post from the lab (rarely) somedays I'll be unable to upload pictures at all. This has only happened during Blogger scheduled maintenance when uploading from home. Also, all my posting from my home net connection happens much quicker. Do you see the same probs at home?

TheBrummell said...

I haven't tried with either a different browser or from home (or both, look for the interaction term!).

This bug is puzzling primarily because it's so inconsistent - and that blogger doesn't recognize that a problem has occured. One day, it will fail. The next, it works just fine, with the exact same file and post.