Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Doggerel, Policy

Every time I'm tempted to rant about some lame rhetorical device, I have to check Bronze Dog's excellent Doggerel Index over at Rockstar's Ramblings. Recently, a commenter here pulled out the old "I already explained my point once, it's not my fault you're too stupid to understand" gambit, which I decided to ignore (more or less). It's closely related to Doggerel # 8, with a hint of # 19. I also got a bit of # 4, # 5, # 25, # 32 and # 38 from that exchange.

So here's a new, loosely-enforced comment policy for the BrummellBlog: please don't use rhetorical devices listed in the Doggerel Index - they are all logical fallacies, in that accusing me of being rude (for example) does not refute any point I may be trying to make. This applies to everyone here, myself included (I try to avoid hypocracy, sometimes successfully). Commentary that focuses too much (in my subjective opinion) on stupid non-arguments will be met with a warning, a link to this post, and, if such continues, deletion.

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