Thursday, September 14, 2006

Conan's Ghost: UnDead opportunities

In an earlier post, I discussed The Economist's interview with Akbar Bugti, a tribal chief and warlord of Baluchistan, Pakistan's largest, emptiest and poorest province.

Now, according to The Economist, he has been killed by Pakistan government forces (ie, the army). The first two sentences of the article (September 2, 2006):
"It is better to die quickly in the mountain than slowly in bed," Akbar Bugti, a rebellious tribal leader in Pakistan's Western province of Baluchistan, recently told The Economist early this year. On August 26th Mr. Bugti, an octogenarian aristocrat, former minister, murderer and terrific charmer, got his preference.

We may or may not wish to mourn the passing of this obvious Conan the Barbarian relative. A possibility that seems to have escaped the notice of the editors of The Economist is that Mr. Bugti may return, roaming the rugged hills of Baluchistan as some sort of undead spirit - I'm thinking Lich, but perhaps the Snake Cultists got to him, and he'll come back as something else. The government has apparently not yet released his body, perhaps in a vain attempt to delay the inevitable reanimation.

This also raises the possibility of rewarding career opportunities for like-minded, adventerous zombies.

In other news, I'm still behind on my Economist readings, which is pretty embarassing, considering that Carlo aims to read one novel per week, and I'm struggling with one news magazine per week, more than half of which is devoted to subjects I don't normally pay any attention to, like international finance, macroeconomics, and British domestic politics.

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Carlo said...

Well, Lich's generally have to have had some form of magical aptitude before the transformation. Oh, and it's also a voluntary one. I think Conan-the-second could come back respectably as a revenant though... that seems reasonable...