Friday, August 11, 2006

Pure Comedy Gold

I am a master of procrastination, with specializations in WebStupidity and CouchForm. I've found yet another way to waste time efficiently on the web: SeanBaby's pages.

The proportion of time on can spend procrastinating is restricted to between 0 (no procrastination) to 1 (respiratory failure from procrastinating breathing). This site may actually allow me to push past the limits for mere mortals and acheive TRANSCENDENTAL PROCRASTINATION. I will be able to procrastinate > 1. I will waste so much time on the web that I will actually travel through time back to an era when I actually did something useful and force my past-self to play Tomb Raider.

Repressentative quote:
And welcome to my page about stupid people. You statistically are likely to qualify, especially since you're on the web and probably happened upon this page while searching for HOT LATIN DONKEY
PORN. Or maybe you're a wholesome parent searching the internet for pages to cite in your righteous fight against online smut. If that's the case, you should probably skip to the bottom where you can write me angry email and go back to hanging your damn pictures of babies dressed up like vegetables and flowers.

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