Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shuttle Launch Videos

Via the Bad Astronomer, there are some NASA videos up from cameras mounted on the shuttle. I can't figure out how to link to the vids directly, and for some reason screen-capture doesn't work properly with these videos. Oh well, very very cool.

I've added a picture kindly provided by Mike. That's exactly the frame I was trying to capture. Thanks Mike!


Anonymous said...

Right FWD SRB Cam

Right AFT SRB Cam


Left FWD SRB Cam

SRB Separation Composite

Easy as pie. mmm pie

TheBrummell said...

Thanks Mike.

Now, can you help me screen-capture from streaming video so I can post the awesome frame right when the booster separates from the shuttle+tank?

Also, mmm pie.

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'm bored today so why not. The NASA site is a bit slow with Windows Media Player anyway.

This page has all the videos, and makes them available in multiple formats.

Here are the screenshots I've made for you:
Left AFT SRB Detachment
Left AFT SRB Detachment

I've also ripped the two videos that were previously only available in asx format for WMP. Download them directly from me if the NASA site is too slow (or you'd like to be able to save them to your hard drive). They are both aproximately 20MB in size, so please "save as"!

Right FWD SRB Cam
Right AFT SRB Cam

I had banana cream pie for breakfast. Working from home rules!