Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Rant: Innocence

What's up with this bizarro desire to preserve "innocence" in children and others? Why does anyone want to preserve IGNORANCE?

I get yelled at and dirty looks when I use certain words in front of children. A) don't bring your kids to University, if you don't want them exposed to adults B) they know those words already, foolish person C) they're just words - FUCK OFF STUPID TWAT.

This attitude of "preserving" something so poorly defined, and obviously associated with a lack of knowledege is completely incomprehensible to me. Does not knowing that people do terrible things to each other somehow make you a better person? Does knowing nothing about normal human sexual activity make you happier?

Even more strangely, some would apply these ridiculous restrictions to ADULTS! "Oh, no, don't talk about sex in front of her, she's cute and sweet and innocent!" WTF? If your brain is shocked by frank discussions of, well, franks and buns, you need to get out more. Sheltered protection will not help your self esteem, opinions of humanity, or further your education. Real people use these terms, talk about these subjects, in real conversations in the real world. If you want to live in happy-fantasy-super-silly-land, do it somewhere that isn't dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. Also, watch this and feel the hate.


Anonymous said...

Martin, have I told you lately that I love you?

Alas, I remember the good old days when a Brummell Rant lasted 4 hours and a bottle of tequila...

TheBrummell said...

The only 4-hour Brummell rant on record (sorry, McPhelan), was powered by Zambouca, not tequila.