Monday, July 03, 2006

Gamer's Manifesto

It's like I don't have to do a rant today, because somebody beat me to it, with better stuff to say, more content, and pretty pictures.

Repressentative quotes:
Game creators aren’t just casually missing the point, they’re showing a unified front of stupidity.

Immersion means soothing to sleep the part of our brain that remembers we're not intergalactic bounty hunters or world-class athletes.

So if we really care that the rendered dragon in the cutscene sounded suspiciously like a high school drama student, we're not showing it in our buying decisions.

If I'm not playing to have fun, then why the fuck do you think I'm playing?

I agree with everything he says.


Carlo said...

There's like practically no need for me to rant anymore!!! That's sort-of depressing. Excellent manifesto though. Except that he did miss one awesome point that game designer David Cage made: It's getting to the point where many video games are just filler (i.e. uninteractive scenes) in between scenes you actually want to play, thus video games have the same pacing as another form of media we love: Porn.

TheBrummell said...

That's true. There is a weird convergence happening between genres and media.

Porn, Kung-Fu action movies, and now many games all share one feature: nobody watches them straight through, you just fast forward the boring plot bits to get to the action.

Also, from the fun at Bash:

Cobra: so i was watching a pr0n
Thunder: wait
Thunder: why u guys always say pr0n instead of porn ??
Thunder has been kicked by Guardian (No porn on this channel !)
Cobra: ...
Cobra: so i was watching a pr0n

Bronze Dog said...