Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bachelor Chow V 0.1

Via Cruel.com, I've discovered the Monkey Chow Diaries, wherein one man describes his attempt to survive a week eating nothing but ZuPreem Primate Dry Animal Food, which is apparently designed to keep zoo-bound primates, including the great apes, alive indefinately.

Personally, I think he'll survive, but I doubt he'll enjoy it.

To me, this repressents the first tentative step in the Quest for Bachelor Chow. Ever watched Futurama? During the opening credits, two billboards appear advertising "Bachelor Chow - Now with Flavor!". This is an important goal.

Watch the videos Mr. Scott has posted, maybe read his blog. He's Canadian, and he's very brave.

EDIT: I just watched video 2, apparently his diet restrictions for this week are (what he's allowed to consume):
1. Monkey Chow
2. Water
3. Black Coffee
4. Vodka

It's hard to imagine a diet more pure.

Pictures shamelessly stolen from ZuPreem's catalogue


Carlo said...

You know, it's really NOT that difficult to actually cook some food for yourself... really. I mean a good pasta sauce recipe can last and entire WEEK of lunches... so there's really no excuse to eat primate food...

Speaking of which... Is there really enough of a market for primate food to base a company on??? I though these things were going extinct? The distribution costs must be mental cause I can't see there being zoos EVERYWHERE...

Carlo said...
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