Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Turning a response into a meme

Over at Pharyngula, PZ is expressing his annoyance with his Seed Overlords' questioning tendencies. He's posted some questions of his own, to "prime the pump" and get his vast untold legions of followers to make up their own questions. I'm going to answer his questions instead.

1. What's your favorite body part, and where did you get it?

Definately the Wang. I found it in a box.

2. How to address the help: EYE-gor or EEE-gor?

I prefer EEE-gor, but since, as a grad student, I qualify as "the help", I also like "hey you!" and "we're such assholes", as that's more inclusive.

3. How does science help you in the bedroom?

I sterilized myself using high-energy beta-particles emitted by 32P during radioactive PAGE. So I was helped in the bedroom by the practice of science, rather than scientific knowledge per se. Hey baby, I'm sterile. No Worries!

4. Mad scientist movies: which ones get it right, and which are a kind of wishful ideal?

Sadly, I haven't seen any Mad Scientist movies that fit either categories. Pretty much every movie I've seen with a scientist (mad or otherwise) in it protrayed the scientist, and science in general, in a rather poor manner.

5. What mutation do you wish you had?

Any mutation of one of the genes that codes for alcohol dehydrogenase, increasing its efficiency and making me drunk on less booze.

6. …maybe we could hybridize questions 3 and 5…

Not really a question, but OK. If I wasn't already sterile (and totally awesome), I'd want a mutation that causes sperm to move faster and attack each other. Maybe with some mis-expression of some digestive enzyme at their front ends. This would be cool to watch in a microscope, thereby giving me an excuse to wank in the lab.

7. What music puts you in the mood for a little lab work?

Heavy metal. By pretty much anyone, though I should recommend DragonForce, though I've never heard them. Except for the little demo on their webpage.

8. When making chimeras, which manimal is best avoided?

I'm gonna say "Weredonkey". We really don't need any more people who resemble jackasses.

And a bonus question from the comments

9. When Jesus rose from the dead what type of undead did he come back as?

I'm tempted to say "zombie", but he re-disappeared shortly after reanimation, which indicates shoddy necromancy. Zombies are supposed to be really easy, so I think he came back as something more complicated and error-prone, such as a lich or maybe an ash-spirit, since that would explain the whole "wednesday" thing.

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