Monday, May 15, 2006

Too busy to Blog right now

Sorry, I'm ridiculously busy working on this PhD proposal, so no Friday Fish last week, and maybe no Monday Rant today. I'll make it up to everyone (how many readers do I have? 2?) as soon as I can. Probably later this week.


Carlo said...

Damn you! Keep this up and you'll lose what meager readership you DO have, like I almost did earlier this year!!! Oh, and I think some sweet pink glitter would really help your blog...

TheBrummell said...

There will be no glitter, pink and/or sweet or otherwise.

Unless the lurker-to-commmenter ratio is massively higher than I think it is, my readership is essentially one diseased PhD student in Ontario, plus whatever spam-trolls happen to wander through.

I hung on to your blog through that dry spell, and was justly rewarded with some sweet-ass guitar action. Good stuff is coming here, too, I just have to polish my Gnome-lure some more.