Monday, May 08, 2006


Last night I ripped the last CD in my music collection to my hard disk in my laptop. This marks the end of a long on-again-off-again process of slowly collecting all the music I like to listen to into one place. I still have to touch up some file names and other bookkeeping, but the time-consuming work is done.

So what's in that big pile? I don't have an iPod or anything equivalent, and other blogs anyways post their random-music notes on Fridays. So here's 10 albums that are now on this computer, chosen haphazardly from the list:

1. Apocalyptica - Cult
Ah, Apocalyptica. Four lunatic Fins play metal on four cellos. Before visiting their fan site, I never knew one could thrash and headbang from a sitting position. This is their 3rd album, and the only one I have. I once owned a burned copy of their first album, which consists entirely of Metallica covers. Excellent stuff.

2. Black Sabbath - Volume 4
I discovered Black Sabbath in high school, and I never looked back. Black Sabbath is awesome. Volume 4 is I think my favourite of their albums.

3. Cake - Comfort Eagle
This is the second of two Cake albums I've acquired. The strong bass lines of the title song are amoung my favourite sounds.

4. Crystal Method - Legion of Boom
I bought this album after a single from it (Born Too Slow) was over-played on local radio stations. The rest of the album is just as good. This is the only Crystal Method album I have; other people with experience of their earlier work say this is quite different.

5. Melt Wizard - The Thermal Pod
Winners of Dr. David Thorpe's "Your Band Sucks" "Keep Rockin' Award" submission contest on Something Awful a couple of years ago. I read Dr. Thorpe's review, and listened to the sample on SA, then bought the CD for $5 (US). Paraphrasing the good doctor: Emo sucks, and songs about Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons also suck, but together, they rock.

6. Nativity in Black - A Tribute to Black Sabbath
Did I mention that Black Sabbath are great?

7. Odds - Singles, Individually Wrapped
Why don't bands call any of their albums "Greatest Hits" anymore? Best track on this disc: Heterosexual man.

8. Pennywise - About Time
I found this CD, sans case, lying at the side of a road in Victoria. Surprisingly, it wasn't scratched. Angry, silly punk is good.

9. The Music (self titled)
WORST. BAND NAME. EVER. Seriously, throw "the music" at google, see what happens. But I like their music - some tracks resurect Black Sabbath's "wall of sound" methods.

10. Ween - Chocolate and Cheese
A former roommate left this tape in my van long ago, and it went into regular rotation for driving music. I recently acquired the CD, and now I can listen to Voodoo Lady and Baby Bitch ad libitum.

OK, I'm done procrastinating now (ha! like I'm ever truly done that).

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