Monday, May 22, 2006

Finnish monsters rock Eurovision

OK, lots of other places have gotten into this well ahead of me, but the majority of those places do not think of GWAR with fond nostalgia. Normally, the Eurovision awards offer up the worst of popular music, often strangely correlated with those bits of Europe recently emerged from submission under the USSR. The worst of the worst is a subject for another post, one in which I will tell you a little of my friend Rick.

So anyways, the headline of the BBC report says it all. I particularly recommend looking at the pictures, one of which was blatantly stolen and placed above. I don't care if Lordi is trying to rip off GWAR, or tribute GWAR, or their appearance is a coincidence driven by a widespread fascination with the undead, they look cool. You can't tell me those costumes are unimpressive, from the point of view of the work involved in their creation at the very least.

Rock on, Lordi!


Carlo said...

Ah, I long for the days when people judged musicians based on their talent IN MUSIC. Everday I'm more convinced that my lack of rackstardom is not attributed to my shitty guitar-skillz, but rather to the fact that I don't dress like I'm retarded and whine about how my parents don't understand me at 25!!! "Solos are boring! Secret tracks about having sex with a dog are teh ROXXORS!!!!"

Carlo said...

er everyday that is...

TheBrummell said...

Dude, it's EUROVISION.

The contest that good taste forgot.

Trust me; wait for the post on Rick - he collects (and plays very loudly) the absolute WORST of each year's Eurovision entries. Just try to imagine 100dB of Moldovan Pop.