Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Minivan of Doomed Love

Today is the last day that insurance on my former possession, the Minivan of Doomed love, was valid. The insurance would have expired tonight, at 12:00 midnight in Vancouver, had it still been on the road.

But it's not on the road (or, at least, it better not be), since I took it to a junkyard, under the supports of the Patullo bridge, on January 3, after sunset. It was dark, cold, and lonely there, at my van's final resting place, with a crazy Quebecois old man and a ruined MG.

I miss my van. I will post a tribute to it at some point, when I get some pictures scanned in. The pictures and the ignition key are the only souveniers I have of 1520 Kg of self-propelled steel that I owned for 7 1/3 years - almost exactly 1/3 of my lifetime when I stopped owning it.

This is the only picture I have of the MVDL on my computer. We were the very last vehicle aboard a ferry on one trip last fall.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry I never made it out there to bring it back to Alberta and give it a proper send-off.

Too many of Arild's stag participants were being wishy-washy enough to make me reconsider the expense of getting it back here.

TheBrummell said...

Yes, it is too bad we never got to give it to a highway fire department for training purposes.

That would have been more proper.

Anonymous said...

Okay so that Van came back to haunt us! In December of 2007 we received a letter from the Alberta Abandoned Vehicle Disposal Program. That Van had made it through the mountains one more time and I believe it was trying to get back to Calgary. It was abandoned in November of that year by some persons unknown in Sherwood Park, Alberta (near Edmonton) I don't believe it!!!!! Susan Brummell