Friday, November 24, 2006

A Fork in the Road

I'm just a teensy bit distracted right now. I have been offered PhD positions at the University of Zurich and at the University of Guelph. Now I must choose (but choose wisely).


See below for the details of the two positions.
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TheBrummell said...

I'm sitting at my desk, trying to make up my mind.

One possible deciding factor is money - flights to Zurich are (not surprisingly) much more expensive than flights to southern Ontario. Weirdly, a round trip ticket, let's say I want to visit Vancouver in May after flying to Zurich in late January, costs about half what a one-way ticket costs justs to go from Vancouver to Zurich in late January.

Strangeness. How much trouble does one get in for failing to go to the airport and board a return flight? Switzerland is pretty tight about immigration - if I go there, there are many beaurocratic hoops to jump through (which the secretary at the university will help me with). Does Swiss paranoia about immigration create a huge problem for someone who fails to board the plane "home"?

Dr.Pew said...

lol! All of my PhD research was carried out in Zurich (at the university hospital). Zurich is a gorgeous city with the best mexican restaurant I have ever been to, but it´s somewhat hard to socialise out there. The Swiss are notoriously uninviting. So if you're looking for a decent social life (HAHAHA, yeah right... ever heard of a PhD student with a decent social life?!?!?) give Zurich a miss. If however, you are looking for a solid CV, go for it. Zurich is pretty much top!

Carlo said...

Well, money's one thing, also what do you want to learn about? It's funny that sometimes we all run around looking for any lab that will take us when sometimes maybe we should be looking for what we want to do!

Where are gonna learn the sweetest skillz? You said that Zurich was going to be an extension of your M.Sc. plus some QTL-ing. Is that what you're interested in doing? If so, then you've got your choice.

What's going to carry you into a future career is another good one. I wanted to add some biology and computational shite to my biochemical resume. So here I am... ungh. What do you want to do?